vote for me on November 5th

My Vision - Community and family focused

The Future of Delhi Township

My name is Daniel Brown and I am running to be the next Delhi Trustee. My vision for Delhi Township focuses on Community and Family Values. My  plan focuses on all aspects of the township from supporting local businesses, keeping our Police, Fire, and Emergency Services strong, and a new vision for Delhi Pike.   All of these issues work together so that we can rebuild our Township,  attract people to Delhi so that we can sustain our small businesses, and then continue to build upon our success.

We are the highest taxed township in Hamilton County (Source: Hamilton County Auditor).   Now we are spending $3 Million tax dollars on buying the abandoned Remke building, and we have already spent hundreds of thousands of tax dollars on other vacant buildings on the Pike.  It's time to end this wasteful spending, and it's time for CHANGE!

          1.     Support our Police, Fire, and Emergency Services

I had the privilege of attending the Citizens Police Academy earlier this year with the Delhi Police Department.  We were able to learn and experience what they do on a daily basis, and I highly recommend any resident to take this course.  Keeping our Township safe is the primary responsibility of any Trustee.

          2.     Delhi Pike Redevelopment and Supporting Small Businesses

My opponent has had 4 years to work on the issues that our Township faces. After these 4 years, I still drive down Delhi Pike and see the same 20 vacant buildings that have been there for years. We need new leadership to help fill these buildings and not the anti-business views of my opponent. The Bike Shop, located on Pedretti Ave, has been a very successful Delhi resident owned business for years. This repair shop wanted to expand their business and purchase a building on Delhi Pike that has been vacant for 7 years, but my opponent blocked them. The Board of Zoning Appeals reversed this decision and stated:

“That the granting of the appeal would not be contrary to the public interest, the general welfare or the adjoining landowners, for the reason that a neighboring business as well as several Township residents spoke in favor of the proposed use coupled with the fact that the business will generate business for other Township businesses and will include enhancement of the building exterior…”

After this decision, my opponent moved to challenge the ruling in court. We should not be spending our tax dollars on lawyers and preventing a Delhi Owned business from expanding. There are far better things to be using our tax dollars on than issues like this. I will make sure that we are supporting our local businesses and will work together with the Delhi Business Association to rebuild Delhi Township. We can work together to build a development committee to leverage all of our relationships to bring business back to Delhi!

          3.     Family Friendly Delhi Park

Delhi Park is a beautiful green space with an amazing lake. However, after 4 years of my opponent’s leadership, we are on our 2nd year in a row of not having a working water area. Attractions like these are crucial for attracting people into Delhi, and they are important to many Delhi families. Delhi Park does not contain very many attractions for families with children to enjoy. That is why we need to make sure areas like our water playground need to be maintained properly. We also need to focus on shaping our park into an area that is more attractive for families. 


That is my plan to bring Delhi back into the spotlight. We need to maximize the return on our tax dollars and return Delhi Township to being a Community driven township. I will represent all of Delhi Township, and I will make sure that we are making the right choices.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments please contact me and I will answer your questions directly.